John Cena!

Ja heu vist els resultats!
Com ell es el guanyador, aqui teniu un dibuix fet per mi d'ell i varia informacio, OK?

Informacio d'ell:

Sobre ell i la seva familia:

John Felix Antony Cena
Pares:John i Carol
Germans:quatre germans (No se si contant ell tambe)
Ell es castany amb ulls blaus Al dibuix no se li veu el cabell, ho sento)


Li agrada el basquet i el futbol, els seus equips preferits son:
Els Bostons Red Sox (De basquet)
Els Boston Celtics (Tambe de basquet)
Els New England Patriots (Futbol)

I tambe la lluita lliure, si no, no seria lluitador.
Tambe li agrada jugar a la Playstation 2 i la X-box, sobretot a jocs d'esports, si no he entes malament.


Actor preferit:Harrison Ford
Pelicula preferida: Star Wars
Menjar preferit:Gelat

Algunes cosses mes que no se en quina categoria posar-les:

-Ell jugava a beisbol de petit
-El seu cosi es en Trademarc, i junts fan un grup de Hip-Hop (Que m'encanta!)
-El seu numero del colegi era el 54, igual que el que posi en els seus collars de "merchansanding" o com es digui
-No te tatuatges (Que be, n'estic farta dels tatuatjes d'alguns)
-El seu joc preferit es Madden (De videojoc)
-No toca capn instrument
-Li agrada el lema (Si no he entes malament) YOU CAN'T SEE ME (No em pots veure)
-Per ser lluitador, es va inspirar amb:The Rock,Stone Cold,Hulk Hogan.
-Es amic d'en Randy Orton O_º (Diuen que son enemics)
-Te un gos que es diu Tyra i tres gats,Puma ,Stinky ,Graybee (Que be que li agradin els gats, com a mi!)

Una canço: (Right now)

You can't help but feel it
Can't help but feel this one
Uh-huh uh yeah

Excuse me for a minute while I lighten the mood
Just clap with me like the lightning do, yeah
A bit of soul food that you be bitin into
And if you feel me then I'm writin for you, uh-huh
Right now put another coat of wax on the ride
For a mi
nute put the beef and the gats to the side
Cause this track's got a vibe to chill to
Enjoy life for 5 minutes, man it's not gon' kill you
It's okay to be hard and stay true man
But at the end of the day, we all hu-man
This one's for you, the ones that you close to
Show some love, it's what you supposed to

Right now, forget the ends and the Benz
Pop a cold one, man toast it wit'cha real friends
Call your folks, tell 'em you tight now
Cause everything lookin pretty good right now

[Chorus - sped up vocal sample]

[Tha Trademarc]
Right now baby, we all gon' ride
So place those things on your hips or side
The soul vibe gon' change, give way with fame
But sometimes the moral change or stay the same
Relax baby, right now you here
And sit back baby, with a round of beer
And cheer to those friends who crowded near
For those passed on in spirit they there
It's gon' be what it must, break bread wit'cha crew
If you got kids take the crust
It's al
l love baby, tell your girl she's strong
And whisper in her ear after dinner it's on
And take it slow baby, cause everything real
When you at family dinner y'all enjoy that meal
Thank God that you healthy and you keepin it tight
And keep your dreams lighthearted when you sleepin at night

[Chorus - sped up vocal sample]

[John Cena]
Yeah - and right no
w I'm showin love to my brothers and my old man
To my girl, 'Let's Get it On' like the slow jam
To everybody that I'm runnin down the road with
Y'all my f
amily, I know that you know this
Fox, Rock, B's and Chaos
Y'all growin up with me man, true to life players
Grandma or grandpa watchin up above
Trademarc you my heart cousin, nothin but love

[Tha Trademarc]
Thanks momma, for all that you was
You a strongarm lady baby crazy with love
My sister raised me, those are the facts
And taught me how to rebuild when the order collapsed
And right now I'm blessed no stress no less
And thanks hip-hop for givin me back focus, huh
Yeah John, what can I say?
It's all love from day one, you showed me the way

[Chorus - sped up vocal sample]

I per ultim, uns quants "gifs" (No se si es mouran)

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